5 Steps to a Better, Happier, More Meaningful Life through Coaching

Coaching Cycle Final (400x271)There is no magic here, just power.  Raw power.  It is the power of relationship, focus, momentum and faith.  It is the power of you, your coach and God working as a team to make your life better and more meaningful.

I had run after God as hard as I could, but just couldn’t do the things I knew He was telling me to do.  I kept falling short and the worst part was I couldn’t really see why!

Through coaching, I made more progress in the first ten months with my Heart Transformation Coach than I did in decades of trying on my own.  Ask my wife.

4 Reasons We Fail 

There are four common reasons we fail to do what would really make our lives better, more meaningful and happier.  There are other reasons, but see if these have caused you to fail.

1.  Awareness. We don’t see it.  The problem or the opportunity may be obvious to anyone else, but we just don’t see it.

2.  We don’t start.  Change is hard.  We resist it.  We put it off.

3.  We don’t know how.   We know what we want, but we just can’t figure out how to do it.

4.  We start, but can’t finish.   We want to, but just can’t.  Think dieting or any strong habit.  Change takes energy.  We get distracted.  Life gets more demanding.  Things happen that suck the energy out of us. We quit.

The Coaching Path to Lasting Personal Change

Heart Coaching is a relationship with a coach who walks beside you to push aside these roadblocks to living a better, easier, happier life.  You decide what to change and how.  You have to take each step in this journey.  But you don’t have to go alone.  You will be surprised how much easier it is when someone is walking with you.

What you can expect from each step in the 5 step coaching process:

Step 1 Care and Connect
A Heart Coach knows that real change comes from changing who you are not what you do.  He goes to the heart of things.  He cares deeply about others.  Like Jesus, he sees your potential and treats you as if you had already reached it.  He sees the value in you even when you don’t.  The first session with a coach is a two-way interview.  You should feel the care and the connect.

Step 2 Listen
Coaches are trained listeners.  You should do 80% of the talking.  He should hear what you don’t say and feel what you feel.  He should hear more than you know you said.  Heart transformation coaches listen with their hearts as well as their skills.

Step 3 Ask
Coaches ask questions to help you explore your thoughts more deeply, think in new ways and discover your own answers.  Coaches don’t give advice.  They know God has given you the wisdom to live your own life.  Coaches ask questions to help you expand your thinking and create more options.

Step 4 Empower to Act
Coaches walk you through choosing your best options.  They help you make S.M.A.R.T. goals. Then you create specific action steps to achieve your S.M.A.R.T. goals.  Your path to success becomes clear.

Step 5 Support
You take action steps and report your progress to your coach.  Your coach encourages you and holds you accountable to keep you energized and focused.  Together you tweak and tune your action steps and keep going forward until you solve your problem or reach your goal.  Together you celebrate!

Which step would be most helpful to you?

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