The Hidden Power in Choosing Joy

There is great power in the choices you and I make.  You know that, right? Three weeks ago I had a procedure to my back which is causing severe pain. I am trying to rest and recovering from that procedure. During this time, God has demonstrated … [Read more...]

Sometimes the Most Heroic Thing to Do is Rest

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about rest that was one of my most liked and shared posts in social media.  My brother liked the post and responded something to the effect of, "That's a great idea.  Why don't you try it?" Busted! It's … [Read more...]

To Thank God is to Invite Him Into Every Circumstance in Your Life

Happy Thanksgiving! Time and again in scripture we see that God responds to gratitude.  In response to Jesus' gratitude for five  small loaves of bread and two fish, God did a miracle that fed 5,000 people. Gratitude is us inviting God to be part … [Read more...]

People Who Know God Display Strength and Take Action

You Were Born for This You were born in this time, in your family, in your town, state and nation for a reason. God intended for you to take your land for Him. I've been shocked and dismayed at the continuing fear, hatred and confusion that … [Read more...]

You Need to See Yourself as Jesus Sees You – Jan’s Story.

Who do you think you are? Jan had a deeply-held belief about who she was and it wasn't good.  She believed in Jesus.  She read the Bible and went to church.  Jan heard what God said about her.  She knew that Jesus came to save her.  But she couldn't … [Read more...]

Are your thoughts defeating you? How to Let God Replace them!

Pain Was Changing My Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions Being in pain every minute of every day does something to you. The sharp, stabbing pain in my spine drained my energy and stole my joy, my peace, and my hope. The pain had become this dark … [Read more...]

How to Harness the Power of Rituals to Improve Your Life

Rituals?  Really? No, I’m not talking about the religious stuff that a priest might do in the front of the church. I’m talking about the rituals that some of us would call routines, things like brushing your teeth, or walking the dog, or reframing … [Read more...]

Have You Left Enough Margin to Live a Life of Love?

Margin is Space to Live In The margin is the space around a sheet of paper that makes it possible to read and understand what is written on it. In our lives, margin is the difference between our capacity and the current load we're carrying.  … [Read more...]

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

Tuesday the clerk at the grocery store will wince with pain from carpal tunnel in both arms as she checks you out.  Thursday, your niece will defiantly declare that she is homosexual.  And Friday the Holy Spirit will tell you that your neighbor is … [Read more...]

I Heard God Say, “Pick up the Pieces.”

“Pick Up the Pieces” I was waiting on God for guidance in a situation I've struggled with for months. I saw a glimpse of things laying all over the floor of a room. Things were tossed everywhere. Some were in piles. I sensed these were things from … [Read more...]