You Were Made to Be Amazing

As I write this there are 7,254,916,729 people on planet earth.  Not one of them has the same swirls on the tips of their fingers or ears shaped like yours.  No one even comes close to having the same combination of genes you do - over 20,000 of … [Read more...]

Why I’m Writing, Training, and Coaching

Why I'm Writing, Training, and Coaching. I asked, “Jesus, what is the greatest thing, the greatest impact I could make with my life given my talents, abilities and who I am?” "Heart connection," was Jesus’ response. Get Real Heart connection … [Read more...]

“One Thing” will Change You and Give You Power to Change Your World

Many things are true.  Not all truths are equal.  Some truths are way more important than others. In the 1980s-90s, I spent several years in a communist nation where it was risky to share the gospel.  It was even riskier for the local people to … [Read more...]

3 Sure Steps to Finding Your Secret Identity and Living an Amazing Life

It’s a family thing.  Everything becomes clear when we see that.  God is our Dad.  He’s calling us to come to Him.  When we get close to God we begin to understand things.  Most of all we begin to see who we are: sons and daughters.  That’s the … [Read more...]