Jesus Loves to Answer Your Heart Questions! Ask Him.

questions for JesusHow’s your love life?

When you are all alone, just you and Jesus, what do you talk about?  Is it all kingdom business – help me with this, Lord I have this problem, and tell me how….  Or do you talk about personal things – heart things?

Jesus said we would hear and know His voice.  Yet most of us have to admit that we don’t hear Jesus as clearly as we would like to.  Could it be that we aren’t talking about what He wants to talk about?

Wendy’s Story

Here’s Wendy’s story, one of many we’re experiencing through Questions for Jesus, a relational approach to having meaningful conversations with Jesus.

Wendy was feeling a lot of stress from a promotion at work.  She was working long hours and weekends, trying to keep up with everything. She couldn’t relax after work.  And she was having trouble sleeping.

Wendy sat down with Karen, my wife, and I and spent a few minutes identifying her emotions.  Wendy felt inadequate, afraid of failure, and anxious.  Most of all, she was afraid.

I asked, “When you feel that way, what would you like to do?”

“Get up and run away.”

“And what would that give you?” I asked.

“Peace.  Security.”

“Do you want to ask Jesus how He is providing you peace and security in this situation?”

Wendy closed her eyes and asked.  She saw a picture of Jesus.  He said, “I got this!” And then Jesus winked at her.  Wendy was happy to hear the words but awed that Jesus had winked at her – it was so real, so personal.

Three weeks later Wendy sent us this text message: “Remember the picture I saw when praying with you guys before I went back to China? The one with Jesus winks at me and said to me ‘I got this!’  Today, I walked into my office and saw this book (When God Winks at You, How God Speaks Directly to You through the Power  of Coincidence) on my desk from my coworker.   I   never told her about the picture I saw.”

When God Winks at YouWow!  Jesus had just affirmed His promise to Wendy in a way she won’t soon forget.  Two months later,  Wendy got a second big promotion at work!!   Faithful Jesus!

Jesus met Wendy in a very personal way.  She wasn’t expecting that.  Her encounter made her feel so loved and so safe.  Jesus’ love pushed away her fear and anxiety.

Questions for Jesus

When we come to Jesus and talk about our hearts and our relationship with Him, He answers us.  My friend, Tony Stoltzfus, noticed this over a lifetime of coaching struggling spiritual leaders.  I was one of them.  I was blown away by how eager Jesus was to answer the deep, nagging questions of my heart.  And I was changed – deeply, suddenly and wonderfully changed.

I’ve taught the Questions for Jesus Course and watched as every person in the course (from young students to a veteran missionary) had personal encounters with Jesus as He spoke to us. We laughed.  We cried.  And felt so loved.  And we connected our hearts to Jesus in new ways.

I want you to experience how thrilling it is to have a conversation with Jesus about the desires of your heart. Tony and I will be doing free Questions for Jesus Webinars where you will experience this on July 29, 2015, at 7 PM (EDT) or 8:30 PM (EDT) (one hour each).  Join usRegister early as seats are limited.


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