5 Reasons You Should Have Coffee With Jesus This Morning (3 of 3)

Reason # 1 Put Jesus in the middle of every situation and problem you face today. Because he is in you and you are in him, Jesus is in every situation and every problem that you face today. And that changes everything. Beginning your day with Jesus … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Have Coffee With Jesus This Morning (2 of 3)

(Part 2 of 3) Reason # 2 The Life of Jesus in You Will Become the Life of Jesus in Others “The single, greatest thing that you could do to simplify and empower your life today is to make this quality decision: I will not go out the front door of … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Have Coffee With Jesus This Morning (1 of 3)

(Part 1 of 3) Reason #1  Put Jesus in the Middle of Every Situation and Problem You Face Today It's so easy to wake up overwhelmed by the life you will live today – the demands placed on you, difficult people, and perplexing problems. Inviting … [Read more...]

Faith is a Passenger in Love’s Car

Jesus Has Faith in You On the cross, Jesus had faith that you would respond to the sacrifice of His life. He knew you couldn't resist such compelling love. And that joy kept him there. He allowed his life to make a way for you, knowing his love … [Read more...]

Are Toxic Thoughts Killing You?

My Head is Killing Me "My head is killing me."  People say that when they have a headache.  But it is true of the way most of us let just any little thought that pops into our mind move into our hearts, push us out of our favorite chair, prop up … [Read more...]

Choose to Pursue All God Has for You – Or Not

God Gives Us Choices God always gives us choices. He works within the framework of our choices. If we are open, He'll show us what the choices before us are. Then he asks us to choose. We can choose His way or not. We can choose to pursue God … [Read more...]

Be a Hero: Take a Real Rest

So Many Voices, So Little Time There are so many voices calling your name right now.  Really, only one matters.  And if you’re really busy you probably aren’t hearing Him. Every new invention seems to enable us to do more in less time.  Yet, our … [Read more...]

Doctors Transplant Hearts. God Transplants Character.

You don't develop character. You receive it. On the cross, Jesus was showing us the divine exchange - His for ours. I will give you a heart of flesh instead of a heart of stone. And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in … [Read more...]

Learn to Trust Your Heart

When your heart is totally committed to God, you can trust your heart. When we commit our lives to Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes inside us to empower us in the daily process of becoming like Jesus.  Jesus lived from his spirit (his heart) not his … [Read more...]

Release the Love Bombs

You Know What You Have is Not Enough Pastor looks tired and discouraged. You’re not the only one to notice. Something is wrong. But he isn’t talking to anyone. Maybe it’s one of those things that he can’t tell anyone. He puts on a brave smile and … [Read more...]