Release the Love Bombs

 You Know What You Have is Not Enough

Pastor looks tired and discouraged. You’re not the only one to notice. Something is wrong. But he isn’t talking to anyone. Maybe it’s one of those things that he can’t tell anyone. He puts on a brave smile and goes on. You give him a warm hug and a few kind words. He absorbs your encouragement like a sponge. But you know it’s not enough.

Your thoughts are interrupted when you notice that Mrs. Azeleas, the oldest person in your church, isn’t there again today. She never misses unless her arthritis has her in so much pain she can’t move.  You remind yourself to call her later today. She lives so far out of town that you rarely get out to see her.

You walk to the parking lot, saying goodbye to friends, but totally distracted. There must be something else you can do for Pastor and Mrs. Azeleas.

Love Bombs

Love bombs! You laugh out loud. Of course.

You take out your phone and let your thumbs do the talking. You send this text everyone you know in your church: “Love Bomb pastor at 2:00 today.  Appreciate what He has done.  Tell him about the potential you see in him.  But most of all tell him what you love about who he is (not what he is doing, who he is).  Boom!”

An hour later you send a second message.  “Atomic Love prayer.  Ask Jesus how to pray for Mrs. Azeleas today.  Then at 3:15 pray it and send her a copy of your prayer!”

At 5 o’clock, pastor calls you, in tears.  “I didn’t think anyone would notice. I thought I had to fight this battle on my own. I still can’t tell you what’s going on. But I received 117 messages of love and support. I am not alone.”

No, pastor. You’re not.

Mrs. Azeleas was healed of chronic arthritis at 3:15 PM this afternoon.  The whole church is talking about it.

Powerful Weapons of Encouragement and Healing

These stories are fiction, but the idea and power of love bombs are REAL!

I first heard about love bombs while at a conference in California several years ago. We began to use them for people who were hurting, struggling or just to express our love and appreciation because it’s something we don’t do often enough.

In a home fellowship, thirty of us sent love bombs to our pastor at exactly the same time. He was deeply touched. Months later, when I was suffering from prolonged, severe back pain, that same group of people love bombed me with e-mail.  Lying there in agony, the messages of love and faith exploded on my iPhone.  I was undone.  In tears, I felt their words wrap around me, strengthening my heart and my body.  I can’t begin to express what those words meant to me at that time.  They were life and health to me.

5 Keys to Powerful Love Bombs

1. Have a Clear Focus. What is that person’s heart desire?  How can you fill it?  That’s your focus.

Affirmation (Encouragement)

  • Who they are.  This is the most powerful affirmation. (Best)
  • The confidence you have in their future actions and potential.  (Better)
  • What they have done. (Good)


  • “Jesus, how do you see this situation?  What is your provision for (the person) in this situation?”
  • Ask Jesus these questions.  Then pray the answers he gives you.  That’s a prayer you can have faith in because it is from him.

2. Mobilize. Each person will be a touch.  Many touches are a long embrace of love. Get as many people as you can.

3. Set a specific time. (Flash floods are unimaginably more powerful than trickling streams.)

4. Fill your messages with love, acceptance, approval, significance, joy ….  Share your heart – be emotional.

5. Release the love of God in you. And then watch and see what God does with your love.  Expect epic results.

Taking the time to touch someone is powerful.  Mobilizing many touches at a particular time is atomic.  Try this.  You are going to impact some lives.  You can make a difference, today.

Be real.  Live real.

Share you experiences.  What happened when you love bombed people?

Please honor and respect others in your comments. Thanks!

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