7 Reasons “Heart Coaching” is More Effective Than Self-Help

People Aren't Good at Change For over three decades, I have worked with people to help them change their lives. I’ve been an advocate (trial attorney), a teacher trainer, a university professor, a missionary and a life coach. I’ve learned a lot … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Why Heart Coaching May Be the Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

1.  Once you see it, you can change it. Have you ever met someone who had an obvious problem, but they just couldn’t see it?  Each of us develops very specific ways of seeing people and things.  A good coach will ask you questions that open your … [Read more...]

My Life Was Like Running in Mud. My Coach Pulled Me Out.

I was trying to start a life coaching practice. I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had severe pain in my legs and back from an old accident. I tried to ignore the pain. I worked until I collapsed in a heap. For days, I lay on my bed in agony. When I … [Read more...]