Why I’m Writing, Training, and Coaching

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I asked, “Jesus, what is the greatest thing, the greatest impact I could make with my life given my talents, abilities and who I am?”

“Heart connection,” was Jesus’ response.

Get Real
Heart connection is real. No agendas. It strips everything away: cultural and racial barriers, personal differences, traditions, and offenses. Deep heart motives are revealed.

Heart connection is God’s heart reaching out and touching yours in a way that you can no longer resist.

And after you are firmly connected, comfortably nestled down into God’s love, He releases His love through you to touch the hearts of others in a way that they can no longer resist Him. Imagine a net of connected hearts spreading over your neighborhood, region, and nation. That is Christ’s church. And that is the vision I saw.

Overcoming, Overwhelming, Relentless
The way of Jesus and the cross is the way of overcoming, overwhelming, relentless love that floods and invades lives and hearts. This is the invasion of the kingdom of God from heaven to earth. We invade and take the land by establishing God’s presence and His nature in the place He has assigned us: our neighborhood, our grocery store, our barbershop, our office, school or factory, our mountain of influence (Religion, Government & Law, Arts & Entertainment, Education, Business, Media, and Family).

Being the Church
Imagine a church where everyone’s primary assignment is to connect their heart those in their neighborhood, office, classroom, etc. Every person in the church is a minister – a heart connector. Each person has a calling and specific assignments from God.

When we have been marinated in Jesus’ love we take on the fragrance of his presence and we go together with him to take the land and overwhelm the people with his love, presence and power.

Equipping People for their Ministry
The purpose of the five-fold ministers in this church is to prepare, equip and support each individual in their specific ministry.  (Ephesians 4:12-13 (NIV))  Each individual is God’s message to their world. (2 Corinthians 3:3 (NIV)).

Pastors train and release people to pastor (meet the needs of) their families, friends, and colleagues.

Teachers teach people how to understand scripture and how to communicate the truths of God in clear, simple language. Most of all, teachers demonstrate and train God’s children how to be the message.

Prophets equip and empower people to hear God for themselves and others.

Evangelists demonstrate and empower believers to live in a way that those who do not yet know God see Him in His people, feel His presence and come asking about God. Evangelists help those in the church live in such a way that they naturally draw people to God, are ready to answer people’s questions and can lead seekers into relationship with Jesus.

Apostles strategize, oversee and coordinate the work of the church in establishing the kingdom of God here on the earth through a balance of revelation truth and signs and wonders confirming the message.

This is the end time church that will bring in the greatest harvest in the history of the world. We, you and I, are the church.

My Kingdom Assignment

My kingdom assignment is to launch, train, and coach spiritual fathers/mothers and leaders in the paths and processes:

1. to know the real nature of God.
(as a loving Father completely dedicated to his human children and desiring to have deep, personal, experiential relationship with them on this earth and forever after.)

2. to discover and live out their true identity.
(as dearly loved sons and daughters of God, for whom God has great hopes and dreams).

3. to take responsibility for their own lives and development.

4. to pursue a life of heart connection and authentic relationship:
-with God,
-with themselves,
-with God’s family (the church),
-and other people whom God places in their daily lives to influence and win for Jesus.

5. to embrace and live out the specific calling, plans and destiny God has for each of them.
-“Being” – being with God
-“Becoming” – being transformed to be like Jesus.
-“Doing” – from that new identity, co-laboring and collaborating with God to do things together.

I will be writing on and providing practical application of these topics three times a week. I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Please honor and respect others in your comments. Thanks!

About Dave Milford

I am a Christian life coach, writer and teacher.
I help people live lives of heart connection, heart transformation, and real influence.

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