The Hidden Power in Choosing Joy

JoyThere is great power in the choices you and I make.  You know that, right?

Three weeks ago I had a procedure to my back which is causing severe pain. I am trying to rest and recovering from that procedure. During this time, God has demonstrated that being thankful is a doorway to His presence.  Joy is how I remain with him.

I’ve had to make tough choices while my body was screaming with pain and my mind just wanted to sleep.  This war rages and I haven’t been able to rest like my body needs to.  I haven’t always won the mental battle, but when I did it was because I made a choice.  Again and again, God has come to me in that choice and spent time with me. Amazing times.  I’ve heard Him and felt Him and enjoyed being with Him so much.  It began with this simple choice.

My Choice

I will not look at what I do not have.

I look with great joy at what I do have.

I am thankful for what God has given me.

I’ve written about practical steps to making this choice in: Today, I Choose Joy.  You can too.  You can choose joy and gratitude no matter your circumstances.  Enjoy His presence, because that’s what you’ll find when you make this choice.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.

Psalm 100:4 (NLT)

There is hidden power in choosing joy and thanksgiving.  Today, open the door – give thanks.  Choose joy and enjoy your time with Jesus.


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  1. Pesky sister. Lol says:

    Did you ever notice how renewed we are after night is over?
    Whether it be literal morning, or the morning after a long dark night of trial, Father God truly brings us joy each and every morning. Hold on tightly till your morning comes. And like you, I have found the secret to endurance. Choose joy. That deep abiding joy that comes from our loving Creator. I love you dearly, my big brother. This was a great post. ♡

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