My Life Was Like Running in Mud. My Coach Pulled Me Out.

running in mud

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I was trying to start a life coaching practice. I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I had severe pain in my legs and back from an old accident. I tried to ignore the pain. I worked until I collapsed in a heap. For days, I lay on my bed in agony. When I could, I got up. I did it again. And again. Duh? I couldn’t break the pattern. I found a heart transformation coach.

He Really Cared
I didn’t know this guy at all. I called for the first appointment and he told me how messed up he was at different times of his life. I liked that. It made it easy to tell him how messed up I was.

He Listened
Man, did he listen. He heard what I didn’t say. He knew what I was feeling. He didn’t interrupt. He didn’t give me advice. He listened. I can’t remember anyone ever listening to me like that.

He asked great questions.
Our conversation went something like this:
Coach, “What do you want to work on?”

Me, “I have severe pain in my back and legs. I keep collapsing because I work too hard. It takes days or weeks to recover. And I do it again. I’m really not stupid, but I just can’t stop. I’m stressed out and a little depressed.”

“Is the problem your pain or the fact you keep working so hard you hurt yourself?”

Me, “Both.”

Coach, “Which can you do something about?”

I couldn’t stop the pain. “My need to work so much.”

He Let Me Discover The Root of the Problem
He didn’t stop at the symptoms. Through his skillful questions, he let me discover why I was so driven and stressed out. I felt I needed to have success in my work to be accepted and significant.

He led me through a series of encounters with Jesus where I began to see myself as Jesus does.  Coach, “Ask Jesus what he thinks about you and if this is what he wants from you?”

I did. And I felt Jesus’ unconditional love and acceptance. I mean, I experienced it!! Jesus wasn’t driving me, some idea in my head was!

He Helped Me Create Options and Choose
Coach, “What could you do that will help you break this work-pain-stress cycle?”

Together we created several practical goals. I chose the two that would be most helpful for me.

I Made Action Steps and Acted
Coach, “Now, what steps do you want to take to make your goals happen?”

We broke the goals down into smaller steps. And I did them.

He Supported Me. I got out of the mud!
Months went by. I had setbacks and new issues. My coach encouraged me, especially when I failed. He helped me adjust my goals. At times I was in so much pain I quit. But his gentle accountability and heartfelt support energized me. I broke out of the work-pain-stress cycle! Thanks, Coach!

This really is my story. Today, I enable people like you overcome obstacles, solve problems and reach life goals.

What is keeping you from being and doing all God has planned for you? Write a comment below.

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